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Insight into groundwater levels

with Blik Sensing

Blik Sensing is specialized in automating measuring of groundwater levels in real-time. By utilizing the latest technologies and a focus on large scale deployment we can empower your organisation to do more than ever before for the same budget.

Discover what Blik Sensing can do for your organisation today.

Groundwater level management for government

With a robust monitoring network employing the sensors of Blik you will be able to measure more granularly than ever before at the same budget. Blik offers opportunities to make the water level availble through the cloud to local residents and businesses using an app or website. Early warning systems can alert everyone in case of hazardous conditions.   

Groundwater level management for agriculture

Preventing soil erosion and carrying capacity of the soil are important reasons to monitor your groundwaterlevel as a farmer. The level isn’t always obvious, especially after heavy rains. By measuring you can be sure when heavy equipment is able to go out into the fields again and if the drainage system are working well.

Automated groundwater level monitoring

By utilizing the innovative telemetry made my Blik Sensing you are able to respond quickly to hazardous situations.

Custom solutions

Find out how our custom solutions can help you increase operational efficiency and save on telemetry

Solutions by Blik Sensing

Digital dashboard

Our measurements our delivered to you via a digital dashboard and can be linked to your systems for an automated workflow.

Insight into groundwater levels

With Blik you measure in real-time what you can’t see. Always and everywhere insight into the groundwater level with simple, affordable and effective solutions.

Durable connections

Our solutions are durable and can be used everywhere there is LoRa coverage from KPN without the need of expensive infrastructure.


Work with us to customize both hardware and software for a perfect fit in your organisation.



Discover how Blik can help goverment agencies be pro-active in delivering value to citizens and businesses alike.


Insight into the current groundwater level is vital in finding the optimal balance between soil erosion and the carrying capacity of your properties.

Property developments

See how Blik Sensing can be at the heart of a more successful development of new property.

Discover our latest products

Available today – the latest innovations in water management through innovative products. Find out more and get started today.

Frequently asked questions 

What kind of customers benefit from Blik Sensing?

Blik delivers solutions to companies and entities who are interested in groundwater levels or other custom remote telemtry soltuions.  We work with research teams, local governments, municipalities, regional water authorities, federal government, distributors, large scale argiculture and other parties interested in groundwater levels on a large scale.

What kind of products does Blik Sensing offer?

Blik offers insight into groundwater levels. Blik offers a choice between ordering and installing your own sensor or we offer the data as a service – we take care of everything. Additionally we offer a wide range of custom remote telemetry options with custom sensors.

Can Blik help me draft a complete plan to control the groundwater level?

We want to be clear about what we are good at: delivering insight through data. We do not employ hydrologists directly but we can help you in cooperation with our partners. Contact us for more information.

About us

Blik Sensing is a Dutch company founded in 2016. We are specialized in affordable telemetry solutions for groundwater level management for large-scale applications as seen at governments, engineering companies and agricultural wholesalers. 

With our solutions it becomes possible to get insight into your groundwater level in real-time. We are proud of our Dutch water management heritage and proud of the fact that we produce and control the whole chain from node to dashboard. This allows us to be very competitive in the global marketplace and help our customers meet their groundwater level demands.

Our mission is to protect everyone from water related problems and disasters and make food production more effective in times of climate change. We help our customers to save time and money by offering affordable and reliable insight into the groundwater levels. 

In cooperation with our partners we can also help you with drafting a water management plan to convert these insights into direct results. 

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