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Blik Water

Realtime telemtery of groundwater clearly presented, with little maintance needed.

Smart dashboard

The Blik Sensing dashboard is made for watermanagement en offers a simple and clear overview of all measurements (also available through Excel – CSV). 

Always on

The measurements are delivered to the cloud through the network of KPN and Blik Sensing securely stores them. It is no longer nessescary to visit the node to get your data.

Reduce costs

Safe up to 94% on your operational cost compared to manual measuring. With a clear price-structure Blik lowers the bar to an automated grid.

Strong strategy

The Blik Water node fits perfectly into any watermanagement strategy build on affordability, empirical workflow and quick response times.

Efficient and clear

Purpose built and streamlined to deliver a clear insight into the groundwaterlevel. Already within one hour of installation the first results can be studied* and the node requires no maintenance. The whole chain consists of 1 integrated sensor/telemetry solution to save time and money. 

Simple and robust

Our node is simple to use, build robustly and can operate up to 8 years* on one set of batteries. The node is placed on top of the well and the digital depth gage is placed inside. The length of the cable can be specified before installation ensuring a perfect fit. No other infrastructure is needed – the measurements are sent to the dashboard through LoRa by KPN. No need to install cables for either power or data.

*depending on measuring frequency

years with 1 set batteries*

year warranty


reduction of operational costs

solution for insight into water

Effective dashboard for instant insights

Build for watermanagment

A solution made by Blik Sensing especially for the demands of the groundwater community. We are open to feedback and new features are rolled out frequently.

Clear insight

See all the information the node collects in one easy to use dashboard and make your organisation data-driven. The data is also accessible with Excel (CSV).


Integration with your systems

By utilizing a REST-API the same data that is delivered through the Blik dashboard can also be processed automatically with other systems, for example a hydrological software suite.

Case Studies

Our customer utilize our sensors for a wide range of projects, from agriculture to protection of infrastructure and communities. Below you can find a number of examples where Blik Water contributes to quick, simple and effective solutions.

Spaarwater – Flevoland




What are the capabilities of the node?

With the node it is possible to simply and durably get insight into groundwaterlevels. The node measures the water level up to the top of the well it is installed in and the water and (outside) air temprature. 

How long do the batteries last?

The node has an exceptional lifespan of up to 8 years when measuring twice a day. With a higher frequency of measurement we can match this lifespan with the help of extra battery capacity add an extra cost.

What do I need to get started?

A finished pipe (well). Other than that there is no need for extra infrastructure – no expensive cables for data or power. 

How do I get access to the measurements?

Via the Blik Sensing dashboard you can see the measurements per node en download them to Excel (via CSV). Additionally at an additional cost we can integrate the data with your technology stack – contact us today!

Product name Blik Water
Length x width x height (node) 5 x 10 x 10 cm
Length (Digital Diver) 8 cm
Diameter (Digital Diver) 2 cm
Cable length Up to 10 metre
Measurement technique Pressure differential
Accuracy measurement 1 cm
Accuracy temprature measurement 0.1 °C
Temprature range -20 °C to 50 °C
Communication LoRa by KPN
Lifespan battery Up to 8 years
  • Long term groundwater level monitoring
  • Groundwater level projects
  • Automated groundwater supervision
  • Water collection areas, discharge areas and water catchment areas 
  • Mapping of underground currents and bubbles
  • Storm drainage monitoring

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