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Blik Global Water

Worldwide groundwater monitoring – Coming Q4 2020


Connectivity around the globe thanks to the latest satellite technology

Extreme energy efficiency

Battery life span of eight years

Low maintenance

After installation and calibration, no further maintenance is required.


Built to withstand extreme temperatures, vandalism, theft and floods.

⚠ Available end of 2020

Please note that this page features a product that will become operational in Q4 2020. Can’t wait to simplify your operations now? Contact us for a bespoke solution or a pilot project starting in Q3 to start your journey to realtime telemetry today.

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Measure without borders

Only 10% of the world is covered by cellular communication networks. The need for information is growing, worldwide. To feed this need for information, Blik Global Water uses the Hiberband network. This revolutionary network enables Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, worldwide. No location is too remote for our system as long as we have a line of sight to the sky.

Low costs, simple and robust

Worldwide connectivity and low costs, it is possible with Blik Global Water. Because the sensor works communicates the same way anywhere on the world, practical nightmares such as SIM cards not being available or expired GSM contracts are a thing of the past. Using the same proven technology as Blik Water and powered by pressure sensors by Keller, reliable measurements will be coming in for years. Thanks to the robust construction and anti-theft measures, Blik Global Water can be safely installed anywhere on the planet.

Durable partnering

Blik Sensing is a proud pilot partner of Hiber, the company behind Hiberband. Since the beginning of 2017 we’ve been working together to make Blik Global Water a reality. The Hiberband network will be operational in 2020 and Blik Global Water is available for pre-order.


Effective dashboard for instant insights

Built for water management

A solution made by Blik Sensing especially for the demands of the groundwater community. We are open to feedback and new features are rolled out frequently. The modular approach to building our nodes ensure easy and effective maintaince and reliablity. 

Clear insights

See all the information the node collects in one easy to use dashboard and make your organisation data-driven. The data is also accessible with Excel.


Integration with your systems

By utilizing a REST-API the same data that is delivered through the Blik dashboard can also be processed automatically with other systems, for example a hydrological software suite.

Case Studies

Our customers utilize our sensors for a wide range of projects, from agriculture to protection of infrastructure and communities. Below you can find a number of examples where Blik Water contributes to quick, simple and effective solutions.

Spaarwater – Flevoland



Product name Blik Global Water
Length x width x height (node) 5 x 10 x 10 cm
Length (Digital Diver) 8 cm
Diameter (Digital Diver) 2 cm
Cable length Up to 200 metres
Measurement technique Pressure differential
Accuracy measurement 1 cm
Accuracy temprature measurement 0.1 °C
Temprature range -20 °C to 50 °C
Communication Hiberband by Hiber
Lifespan battery Up to 8 years


  • Long term groundwater level monitoring
  • Groundwater level projects
  • Automated groundwater supervision
  • Water collection areas, discharge areas and water catchment areas 
  • Mapping of underground currents and bubbles
  • Storm drainage monitoring

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