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Government and groundwater

Prevent rotting foundations and flooded basements

With a dense measurement network it’s possible to gain real-time insight into the groundwater levels in every neighbourhood. With this information it becomes possible to quickly and accurately take action when the water level gets too high or too low – this is how with the new technology developed by Blik Sensing we can keep foundations solid and basements dry.

Information for constituents

Residents of counties and states would like to see more data about their direct environment. The groundwater level is one of the aspects of information providing that can be simplyfied and made more cost-effective with an affordable and dense network by Blik. With a direct integration in our API you can provide constituents with real-time information about the water under their feet.

Measure what you can’t see

Legal scope

New legislation and pressure on government demands new and bold action from all levels of government to ensure proper watermanagement. For many communities water quality and availability are becoming important considerations and the focal point of many new urban and rural developments. 

Our solution can help you to send the groundwater level to your databases via our Application Programming Interface (API) to ensure that the decicions made are based on accurate data.

Example cost reduction

If you now have 100 wells in your domain and measure once a month (30 min of work) you can save up to € 14.500,- a year in wages. With a lifespan up to 8 years an investment pays for itself quickly, or choose for our lease option for a care-free improvement to your data streams.

Affordable insights

With our simple and affordable solutions you start saving on the collection of your data on day one, whilst gaining more data points compared to traditional equipment. Further savings can be achieved by a reduction in the amount of water pumped in or out of the water table with a clear insight into the current water level. Additionally having real-time insight also has a preventive effect: excellence in groundwater management leads to cost savings throughout society.


Our solution consists of one sensor-node per well, without further maintenance or work* and sends information about the waterlevel and temperature up to 24 times a day to the dashboard. Our solutions does not require any additional infrastructure, power or modem and works everywhere the KPN LoRa network has coverage. If the communication is disrupted up to 200 measurements are stored on the node to be sent later. Under normal circumstances, measuring twice a day the node will remain operational for more than 5 years without any maintenance.*


* regular maintenance to wells remains the same

“Our groundwater solutions are reliable and an excellent fit for large-scale deployment. With just a well and our node it becomes possible to optimize information gathering and save on operational costs.

We would love to hear from your what we can do for your durable groundwater solutions.”

Daniel Heimans

General Director, Blik Sensing

Get results

With our groundwater solutions it is possible to save on operational costs, improve returns and manage the groundwater level in a durable way.