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Measure what you can’t see

Groundwater and agriculture

Farmers know how their properties react to water like no other. They know the wet and dry parts and the effort and attention it needs to maintain optimal production levels. The groundwater level is hard to read and can be influenced by a multitude of factors such as subsidence, activity from nearby water pumping stations and the effectiveness of the available drainage. Climate change is adding another level of challenge as precipitation becomes more extreme, which will affect drainage in an unknown way. To act with certainty, accurate monitoring is critical. 

Blik Water generates constant insight into the current groundwater level on your property. With the help of wireless sensors in wells around the property you decide where to gather information, and with the Blik Water dashboard you can always see the latest levels.


If you farm with heavy equipment you know that starting work when it’s too wet can cause messy and time-consuming situations. With Blik Water we empower you to know the effectiveness of your drainage and be sure of the groundwater level so you can make the call to go out safely.

Save on irrigation

Information about the groundwater level can help you determine the effect of your irrigation and drainage efforts. By utilizing this information in a smart way you can save on water by irrigating less and save on installation costs on new drainage if the old drainage is still working properly. With insight into irrigation you can improve it, which can help increase your crop yields.

Prevent subsidence

Subsidence is a problem for all soil types and in particular peat and turf. If the groundwater isn’t high enough the soil can oxidize, causing rapid subsidence. With Blik Water you can receive notifications when the soil dries up so you can take action and stop the degradation of soil on your property.

“Our goundwater solutions are there for everyone. With just a well and our Blik Water node it’s possible to optimize your operations relating to water and reduce operating costs.

We would love to hear from you how we can empower you in sustainable groundwater solutions.”

Daniël Heimans

General director, Blik Sensing

Know when to work the land

After heavy precipitation your properties might be too wet to support heavy equipment. By seeing how high the groundwater is under the soil you will know how fast the water is receding and when the carrying capacity returns – making it safe to go out.


Our solutions constist of one sensor-node per well, which can send information about the waterlevel and temprature up to 24 times a day to the dashboard without any further work or maintanance*. Our solutions does not require extra infrastructure, power or modems and works everywhere KPN LoraWAN reaches. If communication is disrupted for any amount of time, the node will keep the last 200 measurements to send later. Under normal circumstances, measuring twice a day the node will stay operational for as long as 8 years and does not require any maintanance.


* regular maintance to well remains the same.

Get results

With our groundwater solutions you can save on operational costs, improve returns and manage your groundwater in a durable way.